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To set a good example I have enterd a poem, that's about all I can do in the art directory. Well, I could make a good looking grendel through genetics :)

The Hatching

A beige egg starts to crack                 On the rhythm of the slap                   Of its father nearby.                       Still shy,                                          The creature within                       Waits for the reply                             Of its mother nearby.                      The big grendel grumbles:           "Graaah nug grndl!"                           The baby persists                        Pushing through with its fists.             It blinks its eyes                              And shouts plaintive cries                  For its hand to come                           A new grendel is born

This little poem was made especially for the contest, I wrote it on my way home from school. Since babies always make everybody smile I thought Id use this to my advantage.

Nah, I had to write something and I was feeling all tingly and warm, full of spring-feelings.

You know I had to look up plaintive and rhythm (darn spelling).

Trix :)

Everyone knows the Norns and their great glory,
But what about Grendels? This is their story.
A long time ago, before the Norns
Grendels explored around prickles and thorns.
They were happily raised,
And often praised,
They lived in peace, it was utopia.
Then one shee said, "I've got an idea!
We'll make something cute and furry
That doesn't kill stuff in a hurry!"
That's where Norns came in.
It wasn't so bad.
But Grendels were exiled
That's pretty wild.
Norns sat around looking cute.
Grendels beat around threatening brutes.
Grendels attacked to protect their young,
Norns. Well, they didn't.
People took in many young useless norns
They give them waaaaaaaaaaaay too much attention
And all Grendels do to them is build up tension.
So those cruel people kill them all.
And feel no regret as the poor things fall.
Norns live on in worlds worldwide,
While Grendels fight to even survive.
Next time you see a Grendel,
Instead of chasing it up a tree.
This very nice poem was send in by GrendelGirl88. She is really talented, and loves grendels! That's the way we like people!!

you can visit Grendel Caverns by following the link. Her fan Fiction is very good.












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