This is where I'll store old news from Cyan's Place...well nothing here yet.


June 2002

20/06/2002 You can now send me e-mails to vote for your favourite grendel artwork :)
03/06/2002 Sorry, I put up a patch with some extra bd for the dales, treehuggers and various grendel breeds :D
02/06/2002 Added tons of new Grendel genomes!!! It took some time to make them, but i think there will be something for everyone there. :D. And there is a new genome by GrendelGirl88.
30/05/2002 New image send in for the contest by kathira
27/05/2002 I'm making new grendelgenomes, I will probably put them up somewhere this weekend, for now I just put up some teasers of the "Logic Grendels"
26/05/2002 New genome from GS, the long life norns, and he's hosting a contest aswell.

May 2002

25/05/2002 Added a new work of art, sent in by georgina brooks.
24/05/2002 I won't be around much, but I will check my mail daily (up to 3 times :D) and put on any art.
19/05/2002 It seems the egg agents of the GS genomes don't work properly. In almost every pack there's a starter pair, and if you use the eggmaker you won't have problems. And there are 2 new grendel genomes made by GrendelGirl88. They are nice :D
18/05/2002 New genomes from GS added, download the Fragile norns and Ornament grendels and ettins here.
17/05/2002 Added cob's pages and Started the first grendel Art competition...first prize in any category can betatest the zions! first three will get grendelpacks ....everybody will get an award. The buton/banner was made by Daan :D, Em like Daan.
16/05/2002 Added new genomes from Grendel_Slayer :D
14/05/2002 Added counter :)
13/05/2002 Received a new zip for the Mortem pack, it now contains an egg file aswell :)
13/05/2002 Worked some more on this page...I'm planning something nice for all you grendellovers :D. Need to make more newsgrendels. I made a button!!! This one turned out quite nice.
12/05/2002 Wow it has been a long time. I should really get this page in order. For now i'm proud to say i'm hosting the Mortem Grendels for C3 by Grendel_Slayer. I finished the C3 Adoption section just for that purpose. And a bit of the story too :)

Before May 2002

19/04/2002 Just to say i'm not forgetting this part... I don't know if anybody ever gets here. Maybe I should but up a counter here aswell as some linkbuttons...Not such a bad Idea
03/04/2002 This page hasn't been updated for a while too, but there is a big one now...the Seaweed grendels, not available yet though.
07/03/2002 Yei!! Little grendelpics!! Look at it!! And updating bigtime...This will probably get up somewhere tomorrow...
06/03/2002 Started arranging this site the proper way!! I really love this yellow colouring! Mmm, this means I will have to make little grendel pictures too, and little grendel breeds...might be a good Idea. As you all might now my biggest grendel project is the Zion grendels, they're finally taking off, and I hope I can work alot on them (but...time is what I need and don't have).

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