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The first entry for this category was made by Nina of Iggdrasil. She send in a funny shockwaveflash movie....norn & girl (24kb).

The second entry was made by Georgina Brooks who made lovely drawing. Her image is called grendel paradise (and by making it into a jpeg it lost some of it's bright blue colours)

Third entry was made by Kathira of Creatures unlimited: grendel_small

    "Here I've got a scanned drawing of a Creatures3-Grendel, made it just
     for you. It looks as if it was taken from a sprite image but actually it
     is taken from a photo of a living grendel, who is a really nice guy."

Fourth entry was made by Daan from Norn Fantasy (aka Bibble Bom): Prachtige Grendel (for those of you who don't speak Dutch: beautiful grendel): "He is a grendel that loved nature, he even liked the birds and norns."


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