Grendel Girl 88
Barbara will show you around our test-tube grendels :D

Slightly Adjusted Genomes

ZIPZIPZIPZIPZIPZIPZIPZIPZIP Happy little grendels with their genome changed so the females won't age when they are pregnant :D, on the contrary the more eggs, the older they will get

SHARK GRENDELS, my amphibious grendels in festive colours :)

Big Adjustments

VOODOO GRENDELS, These little grendels can eat everything, even detritus and don't need to eat a lot. They can also play with bad plants and bugs without bad side-effects.
 Most illnesses can be cured by smelling light or eating and of course like you would cure any other creature that is sick. The eating part is just so they can survive on their own.
 These were previously awarded to the winners of the grendel-art contest, the genome is the same, but they look a little different and I made them into an egg agent.


Get them all in 1 package here: ZIPZIPZIP 

Every pack contains a genome, 2 starters, a readme and an imagefile. You will also need to download some extra bd files for the treehuggers, dales and grendel breeds

The DARAPTI genome is basicly a slightly altered hardman genome (they get angry, but tell them to push toys and it will be all ok). They have grendel head and arms, a hardman body and toxic legs and tail. They transfer their slappiness into the next generations.
The BARBARA genome is a chichi genome, these are really happy females (a bit confused because they want to push norns....I'll fix this). they are dales with  a grendel head and painted chichi legs. You'll need to download some extra BD for these.
The DATISI females also have a chichigenome. they have a grendel head, civet arms, chichi body and legs and a yellowstone tail.
CELARENT grendels are a cross between microgrendels and glow-in-the-dark ettins. They have a bondi genome so they age very slow. And whatever you have heard about bondis....they DO slap each other, I didn't change a thing about the genome. Cyan went: "squeeek! They are soo cute!!" When she saw these, so I think I did something right }:)...well she loved the others as well.
CAMESTRES grendels are based on treehuggers. They get scared often and don't like to be crowded. They can be cheered up however just by pressing a plant or critter. They can cure most illnesses just by eating fat or protein and adore the hand (you should see their faces light up when they are petted :D ). Also they get a huge punishment for slapping, hoping they won't do it twice. These are dedicated to Lorestas and her treehuggers. Treehugger and gecko sprites needed to see them properly.
BIANCI grendels are happy, you can see this, they get to youth at about 22 minutes and can breed from then on. They come bored to death out of their egg and will start playing immediatly (most preferably with eggs). Females like to be alone when they are pregnant and will search for a quiet place to lay their eggs. They are amphibious, so you might consider putting them in the Aquarium. (Zebra, Civet and Pewter grendel)
DIMARIS grendels: amphibious creatures with Zwergbunt, Bondi and trident parts
BAROCO grendels will be very complictated (hence Baroco), they will have dusky heads and the males will be astro-dale, while the females will be astro-lilac bengal.

Update!: Now uses the ettin M slot for the lilac bengal sprites

FERISON grendels are the wanderers among the grendels, liking to go were no-one else has went before (based on ettins), they will be a cross between Pyrite grendels and Indio norns.
BOCARDO grendels are magma-yellowstone crosses. When they get cold they'll push the hand (if you pet them they will loose coldness) and after sleeping too, but i think you better keep them warm. they are afraid of ettins though
DISAMIS grendels will be a bit more viscious and easy to crowd. They are beowulf-fallow crosses.
BAMALIP grendels are mask grendels with mask bruin, civet and bengal  and Painted ChiChi parts....heh, colourful :D
DARII grendels are sweet cuddly and have ettin parts!!! Aaaah!!! they're cute!!!!

Dusky grendel, Mercury, Zebra and Winged ettin.

FESTINO grendels will be a cross between grendel and harlequin.... that's all I know about them for now. I'm thinking of letting them do mime, so they aren't up for download yet.

The story of the logic grendels:

Faris was cruising through a nice big universe with some big colourful planets. It was almost summer so she thought she might aswell get some vacation now before every Shee was looking for a nice spot and landed on the biggest and friendliest planet in that part of the galaxy. The planet was very green, but had some deserts and 3 big oceans. Where she landed she found some interesting ruins of an old city. She recognised Shee art and architecture and went to investigate. She entered the main hall and went to what was usually the working space of the Shee. As she entered she saw 2 very old Shee sitting beside eachother and drinking tea. They looked perfectly happy, although they were a bit dusty. The male stood up and said: "What are you doing here?" "vacation" Faris replied. The male Shee started waving his arms at her and making ugly faces but it was more funny than scaring so she got closer and asked if she could have some tea. The old shee sat down and began to speak:

"A long time ago we were stranded here on this planet, nobody came to look for us, nobody came. We had only ourselves to keep us company and some grendels. For the fun we started to teach them, but there is nothing left to teach."

Faris turned and asked: "Do you want to come with me?"

But the female Shee said: "no, dear, can you leave all this behind after what we have managed to do? this is our home now"

The male nodded and started up an ancient holodoc device. It started to project pictures of grendels. "Their are 14 tribes of grendels now and more may develop in the future. They named themselves after some of the possible syllogisms in logic. Most of them are friendly, but their are 2 tribes that can be a bit hazardous. Some live in the ocean, others can, but choose to live in the rainforest, there are even some that need the desert to survive. I copied everything we had on them, please take that info with you and see that it reaches the other shee. If we can't go, we should at least send our work with you."

Faris nodded and took one last sip from her tea and left for her spaceship. She took of and headed for the Shee Committee planet.

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