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Yes, there are sites dedicated to grendels...or with nice grendelrelated facts and cob's/agents...
Grendel Perspective Used to be the Alblivion, and now hosts the agents of Mkid. A lot of grendel-related stuff over there.
The Truth about Grendels Very good site, with nice facts and faults about C1 and C2 grendels. Also info about breeding and colouring grendels.
The Burrows New site, a project in progress with lots of addons for C2 to come. For the moment there is a new breed of grendel (soon to get it's own sprites)
Grendel Caverns Intersting site with pirnaha themesongs and a story...weird or not, it is very funny
Grendel Force young site, but very dedicated :)
The Grendel Overground Not much too see, but has a cute running grendel :D

Places to go to get new grendels!! I'm listing those here.


Palace of the Evil Shee Old sprites for the C1 grendel. A hippy grendel (see the hippy norns)


The Mechan Saga New genomes!!


Elf's Experimental Lab Dusky grendel!!!!!
The Mechan Saga New genomes!!!



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