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Grendel Pep Rally!!!! I'm organising a contest to raise the appreciation of grendels. Feel free to join. Look below for the Rules about entering and voting. (they are easy to follow)

Believe it or not...Swave really is a grendel }:)

Current contest: Grendel Art 2002

And the different Categories are:

     Sketches, Pictures, Animated gifs,...


     Short Stories (keep them short...)

Anything else you can think of, if you think your genedited grendels are the most elegant of grendels, sent them in. If you dress up your brother as a grendel and think he looks good, send in his picture and I'll post it :

Sending in is possible from 18/05/2002 to 15/06/2002

Voting starts: 17/06/2002 and ends: 05/07/2002 (Cyan's Birthday)

Rules for Entering

1) You can enter anything that you like, but only grendel related art will be entered in the contest. If there is too little grendel related art by the time I wish to start the voting, norn and ettin art will be accepted. But then my rally wouldn't have been a succes.

2) Any language is accepted. If you feel you can only write in Dutch/German/French/ Swedish....send it in. Maybe people like the spelling.

3) Please add some comments on your creation. It might be nice for people to know what is so special about the pictures of the very first grendel you raised from scratch. Or what your abstract drawings might depict (I'm bad at guessing)

4) You know I have to put something like this in....please don't send in pictures or texts you wouldn't want to show your grandmother/little brother/parents....I'm running a decent site here

6) That's it. i told you it wouldn't be hard to follow :)

Rules for Voting

1) You can't vote for yourself. That wouldn't be nice.

2) You can vote once in every category.

What will you get?

You'll get an award by me, just for entering (displaying the placing of your entry or not...if you don't want that). 1st, 2nd and 3rd price get a special, bigger award. And a pack of grendels bred, gengineered or whatever by me, I'll start making them right away. :)

Oh, yes MKid thought it might be nice to give first prizes the chance to betatest my'll have to wait a while for those however....but soon I'll have time. I think this might motivate some people. They will come in grendel and geat genome (even if they are nice...some people might like them more as norns).

Secret linky to where the prizes will be stored :)


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