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Reddish, starter of the strain of red microgrendels :D

 Experience the Warp

Cyan got out, hoping Strychnine had waited for her....praying to the mighty Shee. She fell to the floor and looked around, she saw teeth, white shiny teeth.... grendel teeth. But not the teeth of Strychnine, and why were the teeth so low by the ground? She got up and now realised that the grendel was really small. mmm, grendels were supposed to be big. One said: "Ung graaaaah Strychnine" and started slapping little Strychnine. Cyan leaped over the bunch of small grendels and picked up Strychnine, allready looking very hurt.

When she had started petting him she noticed a hand hovering through....mmm, if she didn't know better this could be her hand, but where was she? Not on the Shee Ark anymore, that was certain, there were no little grendels there. The hand stopped and looked surprised. "There shouldn't be a norn here. How did she get here?" ok, now she knew, she was here. First thing to do was getting away from the slappy creatures and taking care of Strychnine. that was easy, there was a big pod to her right that looked like it was a sickbay, lot's of food and toys too. She entered and closed the door. Strychnine's face lit up when he saw the food....mmmm Espresso beans....He was on his way to a caffeine high when the hand returned, petting them and asking another hand called Diper why her norn was in here. And what she was doing with a C1 grendel. Diper didn't know.

"Cyan is smart you know, Trix",

"You know Diper, she acts like you, liking grendels and all....maybe we should put her in one of your more friendly worlds with grendels. Microgrendels are nice, but too violent for that little fellow."

"Yeah, I should...."

the hands mumbled along for a couple of minutes and then exported her and Strychnine....her adventure was over...for now.



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