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Adopted Pets!


This page will be the home of all my cyberpets, they will have one room each.

Some of the people who make these wonderful pets don't want you to take their artwork. On every page here is a link to the site where I got my you can adopt one if you are interested.


My Cybernorns

Yes, finally a place where i will put some cybernorns...I only have one for now (being little Wapiti) 

My Neopets

Neopets are like very real pets, they have to eat, they want to play with you, they can get sick. But you can do lots of fun stuff with them! You can play games, fight in the battledome or go on treasurehunts.


 My Dragons

      * Faris (Candidate for Valley Weyr)

      * Xasnis and Green Hydrath from Dragon Soul Weyr

      * Shonnor and Blue Nimith from Ryslen Weyr

      * Ryu and Blue Zyanth of CinCanta Weyr

      * Gido and Crestless Blue Swimath of Ryslen Weyr

      * Leen and Green Jybarith of Ryslen Weyr

      * Alani and Blue Caillarth Beach Shards Weyr

      * Sarabande and Green Ryuath Beach Shards Weyr

      * Quinn (Candidate for Falas Weyr)

      * Marian (Candidate for Dark Moon Weyr)

      * Derin (Candidate for Dark Moon Weyr)

      * Naer (Candidate for CinCanta Weyr)

      * Yenna (Candidate for CinCanta Weyr)

      * Drayk (Candidate for Beach Shards Weyr)

      * Veera (Candidate for Beach Shards Weyr)

My Firelizards

      * Sarra and Lina from Dawnsister's weyr

      * Lemi and Late from Xaviea Weyr

      * Swami, Dea and Mar from Morning Star Weyr                 

      * Zion, Nerat and Doria from Falas Weyr

      * Sebell, Menolly and Pimur of Avium Weyr           

My Datles

Datles are lovely creatures...nothing else to say

My Dracae

Dracae are a cross between dragons and fairies...and very small!

My Diamata

Diamata look somewhat like dogs...but in a dragon form.


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