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Welcome to Cyan's Grendel Paradise!!!

  16/09/2002 All be happy! The voodoo grendels are here! They were made in honour of Voodoo, the first ever grendel to look like that (he was bengal though, not chichi). They are nice grendels that can survive on little and on everything. Plant nor critter nor detritus has an effect on them.
  06/09/2002 There's a really cool new agent for grendellovers at Grendel Perspective!!! It's called the Grendel User Interface and contains some grendel-options. You have to have grendels for it to work in DS.
Also, I'm working on some nice halloween agents, some for norns, some for grendels and some for ettins...I hope I can finish them all though.
27/07/2002 Back from holiday and found this new site that is on the grendel Caverns site called the Grendel Community. Looks good: "Goooo Grendels!". Check out the crossbreed section :)

We'll be going on holiday tomorrow, and for quite a long time, so this won't get updated frequently :(
But I can tell you how the art contest turned out:

Kathira Grendel Girl
Nina Me
Daan & Georgina  
  03/07/2002 ok, if you have magmas installed, you'll probably experience some weird side effects with the microgrendels. Download the extra bd (goes into the Bodydata folder) and don't worry, overwriting those files won't have any effect on your magmas, I tried it :)

Visit the newsarchive for older news :)

Cyan, a young daring Civet female, was happily playing about when her ball rolled away from her and out into the Bridge. Cyan stood for a while, hoping the hand, called Trix, would arrive. But Trix didn't come, she was probably busy with her ettins.Cyan started to get bored. Her ball not far away. She ran through the door and got her ball, just in time to see a big blue whirling circlish thing appear in front of her. Before she could turn back, she was sucked in...

Go deep into the Unknown Forests of C1 and get to know the grendel in it's original form...

See the C2 grendel, near the Volcano where acid fumes thicken the air...

Visit the Jungle and look at the strange big C3 grendel, left alone to die of sickness and the occasional mushroom...

Follow Cyan through the warp to DS and read how she meets the hands.

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