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Ung Nung, the little cross bred female.

 Into Space we Travel! 

Cyan surfaced into the dark place she remembered as the Jungle. She wasn't sure of this place, but little Strychnine might like it here. She'd better get herself together end protect him, or he her, because he was becoming quite strong.

She wondered where she should go next. There were so many different directions. She could go forward and head near the Piranha Pond, but somehow that didn't appeal to her. But wait! There was the grendel egglayer. Maybe there would be playmates for little Strychnine. As Cyan neared the Grendel Mother she heared laughter, but like she had never heared before...she had only once come across an angry grendel, and that one hadn't laughed at her. She had run away as fast as she could. But now she was here for a reason. Friends for Strychnine, she took the little fellow by the hand and pulled him onto the clearing. The grendels stood still and watched...Strychnine, being a happy little grendel stood proud, looked them in the eye and said: "Grndl goww imem" And that was it, the grendels went back to the things they were doing and Strychnine played along for a while.

Then they took the elevator up in search for toys to entertain the little guy. The grendels would probably have hidden away some secret toys somewhere. The lift zoomed quietly, pulling them up. Cyan stopped a bit and wondered if she should play a bit with the buttons and exclaimed: "Cyan push elevator" Strychnine looked at her and started crying...he wanted toys and he wanted them fast. She turned around and found herself in Paradise, alot of toys were here...

Strychnine had just started playing when a big blue vortex swallowed him. Cyan knew she had found her home, but she couldn't leave the little grendel alone now could she? So she sighed, took the portal and cried out to Strychine he had to wait for her at the other end.

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