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Seaweed, the grendel to emerge from the sea...

The Story continues... 

Cyan saw that she wasn't home when she came out of the blue swirly thing. Strychnine ran ahaid of her and started waving his arms enthousiasticly in the air. He had found something. Cyan quickly hurried across the swampbridge and saw a nice garden. She plucked some carrots from the ground and gave some to Strychnine. He looked a bit pale. He should eat. Strychnine attacked the carrots and devoured them in seconds...eagerly looking around to find more food. As he strolled through some nice flowers an angry voice called out: "etn foo grndl!" Strychnine stopped and watched the pink creature come near. The creature rearranged her flowers and came to Cyan, looking angry. Cyan had heared about ettins, but had never seen one. The ettin female stood there waiting. Cyan saw her look at her hands, she looked down and saw the carrots. She felt sorry she had took the carrots, but she hadn't known they weren't from the hand. She tried to explain this to the ettin when Strychnine launched a sad cry and fell to the ground. Cyan screamed for the hand hoping it would come and help her. The ettin tilted her head and laughed, reassuring Cyan help was on the way. Only seconds later a strange looking hand came around, hovered above Strychnine and made him better. Cyan smiled at the ettin, thanking her. The ettin pointed to herself and said "Me etn Andalousa" and asked them to follow her. She told them she was send here by the Shee to rescue what had been left behind after the vulcano had erupted. She had found some survivers and had shown them how to survive without the hand. The mechanical hand, a tool made by the Shee of the ship helping her.

They reached the current living quarters and saw some babies playing. Andalousa was very proud of them, they were the first to be born after the eruption, and they were healthy. They were busy playing with complex toys, apparantly made by the ettin standing alongside them. Andalousa looked lovingly up and held her belly while she said: "Andreas exmly helpful".

They stayed for several days, Cyan helped with the babies, while Strychnine, well, Strychnine played games. Until the day Cyan saw the blue whirly thingie Andalousa called a portal again and they left. Andalousa had said the portal looked like it was going to the Spaceship. One portal was opened every month until the two ettins would choose to go back to the ship and leave Albia to evolve on his own.

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