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This is Strychnine... He was a newborn. What does a grendelmother do in the house of the norns you ask??? Well I put it there (mwahahaha }:) ).

The Beginning 

Cyan had justed warped in when she discovered she wasn't on her ship anymore, no...all was quiet, light shimmering through big rainforest-like trees, and strange ugly, green hanging plants...brrr, why was everything so quiet? Suddenly a pop sounded from behind...A big egg had emerged from one of the scabby started cracking! She threw herself behind some bushes ready to run off like the big scared Norn she was. A grendel crawled out, crying... so very sad, why would a thing of mass destruction cry so heartbreaking? Cyan couldn't leave the poor thing there, so she came from out the bushes and slowly started singing. the grendel seemed amused, coming closer, leaning against her leg...even purring of contentment! Was this an evil grendel? Cyan didn't think so. It was so small and friendly!! She picked up the baby boy and decided to name him Strychnine, a name suited for a grendel, even if he was cute. She ran of, holding the little one in her arms, and disappeared in the jungle.

As she run through the forest she picked up some toys to entertain Strychnine on their run. The grendel happily picked the dolls and started grumbling at them.

Faster she ran, but in her speed she didn't notice that she was back in a big clearing with green ugly plants hanging from above. Pops sounded all around her and eggs dropped. Strychnine yelled in excitement...the eggs strated rocking and tumbling. Grendels released into the world. They cried sad again...Cyan's heart ached under the sound, but she didn't want to stop, one grendel to take care of was enough for a Civet. But destiny chose different, Cyan tripped and fell, only to find herself being hugged by countless grendels. Strychnine played with them for a while, but then he made clear to her he wanted to leave.

They had gone a bit further when the portal arose again and Cyan happily plunged in hoping she would get home.

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